If you are a loving and caring pet parent, you know that the last thing in the world that you want is for your dog to be sad and lonely. Unfortunately on those occasions where you have to leave town or work long hours back at the office, that’s exactly how your dog feels… Lonely, sad and maybe even depressed.

While having someone such as your neighbor, friend or a relative drop by your place here and there when they have some free time in order to care for your dog by taking them out for a quick walk or providing fresh food/water, there are plenty of other needs that are not being met in this circumstances and your pet will ultimately suffer over the long-run.

Nowadays, the number of working individuals and families that also own pets continues to rise year-after-year, and there is really no shortage of traditional doggy daycare and kennels/boarding companies in most areas. On the surface, these traditional facilities may seem like a pretty decent option to ensure that your pet is provided with some of the basics, and cared for when you can’t attend to his or her needs… Unfortunately many pet owners overlook some of the very dangerous and negative aspects associated with these facilities.

Traditional/cheaper services = risky business

A daycare or boarding facility can seriously compromise the health of your pet whether you like to think about it or not. Your dog will be interacting with a large amount of other dogs, big or small. These dogs can be carrying all kinds of diseases, parasites, or conditions that can be spread to your pet just by sharing the same surroundings. In addition, more than likely exists the possibility that there are other dogs that will be at the facility that your dog will not get along with no matter how hard anybody tries.

While the staff of these facilities surely do the best they can with most of their dogs, it only takes a few seconds for a situation to occur between animals, and you run the risk of your dog being injured by another aggressive dog or one of the handlers who oftentimes are over-whelmed. It is not uncommon for such fights to break out, and in many instances, you will be liable for the damages done to your pet and possibly others too. Not only will your dog’s well-being be compromised, but so will your bank account.

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At most of these traditional facilities your dog’s physical health is constantly at risk unfortunately, as well as his/her mental and emotional well-being. Like people, dogs have distinct and unique personalities, and the type of intense socialization that is the trademark of boarding centers is not the proper environment for all dogs, and especially not for extended periods of time as part of a dog’s daily routine.

Not always all fun and games

For many dogs, it is daunting to be thrown into a playpen with a set of a dozen or so other dogs. Especially if your dog is used to being the only pet at home, it will be distressing to suddenly be thrown into a situation where playing with unfamiliar animals is the name of the game. If a pet is not dominant, he or she may run into problems with dogs that are more aggressive and controlling. This can cause a tremendous amount of stress and even depression in dogs, which ultimately leads to an unhappy cycle dreading interactions with other dogs, as well as humans.

If your dog is the social or aggressive type around others, your dog may end up preying on the less playful animals while seeking attention. This can ultimately lead to problems with other dog owners and staff working at the facility.

The most important difference between a traditional facility and a personally-hired professional dog walker/sitter is individual versus group care. Not only does your dog receive individualized attention in-home from a professional that you can hand-pick, but your home also receives many benefits while you are away at work, business trips, etc.

For example, one of our sitters can complete other tasks for you such as retrieving mail and watering plants. This is especially important when you will be absent for extended periods of time. During these occasions your dog will enjoy the benefit of only being with a person that he or she feels comfortable with and completely bypass the stresses of interacting with other dogs in unfamiliar places. There will no unsettling environmental changes, and no unwelcome changes in your, or your dog’s routines.

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Though prices for different services vary greatly depending on a large number of different factors, it is in our opinion the right choice to hire a dog walker or overnight sitter in order to provide the best care possible for your pet if you are thinking over the long run. Also if you own more than one pet, it is almost always the more economical option as well.

919 Dog is the best choice. Period.

Choosing to work with a dog walker/sitter to watch over your pet instead of a boarding or daycare is clearly the best option when it comes to taking proper care of the very special canine member of your family. Not only will it secure the physical and mental health of your dog, but it will allow him or her to remain in a comfortable setting with a trustworthy and reliable individual. This will alleviate a lot of dangerous stress for your pet, and ensure your pet is properly taken care of at all times when you are not around.

Nowadays those who are well informed and truly responsible pet owners will only hand over the care of their furry family member to a loving, caring and qualified professional dog walker/sitter and not a traditional facility that offers impersonal streamlined mass marketed services which can really harm the physical and emotional health of your pet. Why you ask? Because it’s simply the best option available!

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