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Our best-in-class dog sitting services cater to each and every dog owner’s budget living in Cary, NC. You’ll be glad to know that our entire 919 Dog team consists of only the most highly qualified and experienced dog-lovers who you can always count on taking good care of your pet when you are not around.

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We provide in-your-home care of your furry family member backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee that will meet and exceed all of your dog sitting needs. We don’t just show up and then leave daily like some others might do in order to collect a paycheck… NO! When we arrive, we truly mean business.

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Our company is registered to do business in all of Cary and Wake County, NC. We’re also fully bonded and insured by a specialized insurance policy underwritten by Business Insurers of the Carolinas for over $2 million in aggregate coverage which offers the broadest protection possible today in the pet industry.

Choose 919 Dog and Your Pets Will Be In Good Hands!

If you are a loving and caring pet parent, you know that the last thing in the world that you want is for your dog to be sad and/or lonely. Unfortunately on those occasions when you have to leave town for a couple of days for one reason or another (business trip, vacation, etc) that’s exactly how your dog is going to feel… Lonely, sad and maybe even depressed. While having someone such as your neighbors, friends or a family member drop by your place when they have some “free time” in order to care for your dog by letting them outside real quick and providing fresh food and water, there are plenty of other needs that are not going to be met, and your pet will ultimately suffer.

Cary NC Overnight Dog Sitting Services

Nowadays those who are well informed and truly responsible pet owners will only hand over the care of their furry family member to a loving, caring and qualified professional dog walker/sitter. By doing so not only will you secure the physical and mental health of your special canine member of the family, but it will allow him or her to remain in a comfortable setting with a trustworthy and reliable individual. This will alleviate a lot of dangerous stress for your pet, and ensure they are properly taken care of when you are not around.

With 919 Dog, on those occasions when you are away from home, your furry family member will be in good hands as we’ll do everything in our powers to keep your pet happy and comfortable. Playtime, walks, exercise.. You name it, we do it! Also you’ll receive constant updates via e-mail/text/phone so that you are always in the loop and know what is going on back home. Upon your return, you will be able to simply pick things up right where you left off, like nothing even happened. No trauma/drama/etc. Now that’s a true win-win for all!

Dogs that are left on their own for long periods of time tend to get destructive. It’s a fact! Though you might think that this is because they are punishing you or just being bad, nothing could be farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, dogs chew and tear things because they are sad or upset. A lot of that nervousness and anxiety gets let out through pent up energy, and that is what happens when a dog tears things apart or chews things up around the house.

The thing to remember is that even a well-trained dog can get destructive and quite upset if they are in a spot where they are left alone without anything to do, but fortunately enough, this is where one of our overnight dog walkers/sitters comes in. We will help keep your dog occupied, keeping them exercised so that a lot of that nervous bad energy is burned and rid the dog from situations where they might get destructive or put themselves in danger.

A dog with a professional dog walker/sitter is much less inclined to be a problem than a dog that is left alone often. In the first place, they get less anxious, and secondly, there is someone always on hand to comfort them and to make sure that they cannot get into as much trouble.

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and when you are gone for extended periods of time such as on a vacation or business trip, they end up feeling very sad, lost and quite lonely. You cannot explain to a dog that you are coming back or that it will only be a few days that you’re gone. All your furry family member knows is that the thing that has given it it’s life purpose and shape has disappeared and doesn’t seem to be coming back soon enough.

Whether you are dealing with a dog that you have raised from a puppy or one that you have adopted or rescued, this is something that can be very traumatic each and every time you leave and your dog is not being well taken care of according to his usual daily/nightly routines.

Having one of our dog walkers/sitters in-your-home is something that can substantially reduce the loneliness and trauma of separation. While one of our friendly professionals will certainly not replace you, it offers the dog the feeling that there is someone else around who cares. It re-creates the feeling of having a proper pack, and it ensures that the dog does not feel completely abandoned. This can keep your dog be a lot happier, calmer and in an overall better state of mind.

While we may not like to think about it, our furry little best friends can be surprisingly fragile. Even a dog that looks healthy may have hidden health issues that simply have not surfaced yet. When a dog starts to suffer from a medical issue which may be easily triggered by anxiety or separation, having someone on hand who can help the dog by providing first aid or get it immediately to a veterinarian is crucial.

In such emergencies minutes do count, and having an experienced, trained professional dog walker/dog sitter who is with your dog throughout the day and/or night is a good way to keep your furry family member in generally good health, and preventing anything bad from happening.

This is especially important when you are dealing with an older (senior/geriatric) dog or a dog that already has known health issues from the past which may re-occur. The truth is that an experienced dog walker/sitter is someone who knows how to act quickly and appropriately in any medical emergency, and in the worst situations, they can even save your dog’s life by utilizing their training of first aid, emergency care and CPR.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose 919 Dog

  • Discounted dog sitting rates available as low as $60
  • Trained and certified in Dog First Aid, Care & CPR
  • 15 years in business… Hundreds of satisfied clients
  • Services offered 365 days a year! From 5 AM – 11 PM
  • Always private, one-on-one quality walk/playtime/etc
  • Rates during the weekends or holidays never ever change
  • 100% customized full-service daily routines available
  • Online management of services, appointments and billing
  • Real-time GPS tracking/verification of all walking activity
  • Dedicated top notch support by phone, e-mail or in-person
Cary Dog Sitters

Why You Really Need a Dog Walker/Sitter?

Some of us in Cary are living a fast-paced busy lifestyle, juggling between what would seem a million different things, and to top it all off happen to travel often and as a result be away from home for days or weeks at a time… Unfortunately leaving a dog all alone back home without much of human interaction and lack of exercise for extended periods of time can cause a variety of serious problems to surface sooner rather than later, such as separation anxiety and other destructive behaviors.

It is important for us to remind all future clients about the benefits in having a friendly and professional dog sitter to care for your pet when you’re not around. While most people consider only the walking/exercise aspects the dog will get from time spent daily with a friendly dog walker/sitter, other very important benefits often forgotten which are just as important to your pet’s overall health and mental well-being include socialization and reduced behavioral problems. Read actual testimonials from some of our long-time happy pet parents and see for yourself what difference a good dog sitter makes and how their lives were improved.

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Cary Dog Walking Services

Professional Dog Sitting Service

One of our friendly and professional pet sitters will take care of your dog overnight right in the comfort of their home while you’re gone. Forget kennels, boarding or small cages. We will come to your place and take care of your dog just like it was one of our own by providing them with lots of love and attention.

While you’re away from home for any extended period of time, your furry family member will be in good hands. We will do everything in our powers to keep your pet happy and comfortable. Playtime… Feeding.. Exercise… You name it, we’ll do it! Also you will receive daily updates via e-mail/text/phone calls so that you are fully updated and know what is going on back home. Upon your return, you will be able to simply pick things up right where you left off, like nothing even happened. No trauma/drama/etc.

Dog Walkers & Overnight Sitters Come With Many Benefits

For almost every dog, walking or another similar form of exercise such as steady running for example is an absolute necessity each and every day. According to the ASPCA, benefits of a consistent walking and/or exercise routine include increased confidence and trust, improvement of digestion, increase of healthy and restful sleep, weight management and also reduction of the likelihood of potentially dangerous medical conditions which can be deadly. By considering how important exercise is to almost every breed of dog, hiring a professional dog walker is the right choice for anybody who is short on time and needs a little bit of help in that department.

Another huge benefit of working with a loving and caring professional is increased socialization. Socialization, while less frequently considered to be as crucial as exercise with dogs, is hugely important for the health and well-being of dogs. When you consider wolves, the parent animal of dogs, you will quickly understand that dogs are pack animals. By increasing socialization, you can improve a dog’s overall mental health and happiness.

The combination of exercise and socialization is fantastic for reducing a variety of behavioral problems in just about any type of dog. Some of the most quickly resolvable problems are: digging, chewing, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, barking, and even biting. By working with 919 Dog, you can drastically reduce, or even eliminate, a variety of these issues once and for all.

There are many other benefits included when you let us take care of your furry family member… Specific benefits will of course vary depending on each individual’s lifestyle and responsibilities as well as the personality and breed of dog. However, you will most certainly see a noticeably positive change in the behavior of your pet and perhaps even your own lifestyle by working with one of our knowledgeable and professional dog walkers/sitters.

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We provide professional overnight sitting services to clients living in Cary and the surrounding areas. You’ll be glad to know that we never ever charge any additional travel surcharges or fees like many other companies might do. Regardless of where you are living in Cary, NC we are able to provide you with an affordable and reliable in-your-home dog sitting service, at a rate that is hard to beat. If you are ready to get started simply get in touch with us by phone or e-mail and one of our friendly team members will be glad to assist you. No job is too big or small either, as we handle all breeds.

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