If you’re a loving and caring pet owner, you know that the last thing in the world that you want is for your dog to be sad and lonely when you are not around. Unfortunately on those occasions where you have to work long hours back at the office, that’s exactly how your dog feels… Lonely, sad and maybe even depressed. While having someone such as your neighbor, friend or a relative drop by your place here and there when they have some free time in order to care for your dog by taking them out for a quick walk or providing fresh food/water, there are plenty of other needs that are not being met in these circumstances and your pet will ultimately suffer over the long-run.

Now… That’s where we come in! We’ll establish a consistent routine, and take your furry friend for a nice daily refreshing mid-day walk where he can enjoy the outdoors, sniff around, do all of his business and furthermore interact with the outside environment. You’ll feel good knowing that your dog is being well taken care of by one of our friendly professional dog walkers, and so will your dog!

Top 10 Reasons To Choose 919 Dog

  • Discounted dog walking rates available as low as $16
  • Trained and certified in Dog First Aid, Care & CPR
  • 15 years in business… Hundreds of satisfied clients
  • Services offered 365 days a year! From 5 AM – 11 PM
  • Always private, one-on-one quality walk/playtime/etc
  • Rates during the weekends or holidays never ever change
  • 100% customized full-service daily routines available
  • Online management of services, appointments and billing
  • Real-time GPS tracking/verification of all walking activity
  • Dedicated top notch support by phone, e-mail or in-person
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Why You Really Need A Dog Walker?

Today many of us are living a fast-paced busy lifestyle, juggling between a million different things, and know deep down inside that it can sometimes be very hard or even impossible to walk one’s dog as much as is necessary for his or her health and happiness. Unfortunately leaving a dog all alone for extended periods of time 4, 5 or 6 days of the week, week after week, can cause a variety of serious problems to surface sooner rather than later, such as separation anxiety and other destructive behaviors.

It is important for us to remind all future clients of 919 Dog about the benefits in having a friendly and professional dog walker to care for your pet when you’re not around. While most people consider only the walking/exercise aspects the dog will get from time spent daily with a friendly dog walker, other very important benefits often forgotten which are just as important to your pet’s overall health and mental well-being include socialization and reduced behavioral problems. Read actual testimonials from some of our long-time happy pet parents and see for yourself what difference a good dog walker makes and how their lives were improved.

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Professional Dog Walkers

We’ll arrive within a designated 2 hour time-slot to walk and/or exercise your pet, put down fresh water upon return home, and food/treats if provided by you in advance. Fun playtime and tons of attention/affection is included with each visit at no charge. All daily visits conclude with an all-around cleanup around the home and pet too if need be. We don’t just show up and then leave… NO! When we arrive, we mean business.

  • Now as low as $16 for a guaranteed 30 minute walk/visit
  • Availability 7 days a week, 365 days a year (5 AM – 11 PM)
  • No extra charges for an additional/2nd dog per household
  • Always private, one-on-one quality walk, exercise & playtime
  • 100% customized full-service daily routines available

You’ll also be glad to know that we never charge any additional fees for the administration of medication(s) or light brushing and grooming if requested. Rates during the weekends or holidays never ever change, and cancellations are honored without any penalties. We provide a truly professional and reliable service that will meet all of your needs consistently, even year-round.

Dog Walkers Come With Many Benefits

For almost every dog, walking or another similar form of exercise such as steady running for example is an absolute necessity. According to the ASPCA, benefits of a daily exercise or walking routine include increased confidence and trust, improvement of digestion, increase of healthy and restful sleep, weight management and also reduction of the likelihood of potentially dangerous medical conditions which can be deadly. By considering how important exercise is to almost every breed of dog, hiring a professional dog walker is the right choice for anybody who is short on time and needs a little bit of help in that department.

Another huge benefit of working with a loving and caring professional is increased socialization. Socialization, while less frequently considered to be as crucial as exercise with dogs, is hugely important for the health and well-being of dogs. When you consider wolves, the parent animal of dogs, you will quickly understand that dogs are pack animals. By increasing socialization, you can improve a dog’s overall mental health and happiness.

The combination of exercise and socialization is fantastic for reducing a variety of behavioral problems in just about any type of dog. Some of the most quickly resolvable problems are: digging, chewing, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, barking, and even biting. By working with 919 Dog, you can drastically reduce, or even eliminate, a variety of these issues once and for all.

There are many other benefits included when you let us take care of your furry family member… Specific benefits will of course vary depending on each individual’s lifestyle and responsibilities as well as the personality and breed of dog. However, you will most certainly see a noticeably positive change in the behavior of your pet and perhaps even your own lifestyle by working with one of our knowledgeable and professional dog walkers.

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