As of November 1st, 2013 each and every one of our team members are Glympsed. It’s official! What is Glympse you are probably wondering? Well, it’s a location sharing app/tool that we started using a few years ago by the request of one of our long-time clients. It basically allows one of our dog walkers/sitters to send out a “glympse” into their  GPS location/walking activity in real-time to a dog owner who can then view the activities on a map.

Earlier this summer we asked all team members who are equipped with a smartphone to start utilizing the app on their phones. Few month’s have gone by and everybody has jumped on board and putting this new tool to good use. 100% of our team is Glympsed. Yes!! Now each and every client of 919 Dog is able to get a glympse into their dog’s activities, by request.

If you would like to opt-in and request real-time activity updates daily via a text message or e-mail, contact your dog walker/sitter directly or your assigned coordinator of services if you have any other questions.