To all clients,

Over the past week or so we experienced various outages and extensive downtime to our website as our Joomla powered website got overloaded and then crashed repeatably. This made life pretty miserable for all of us here at 919 Dog and you, the clients. Sorry about that! We believe the problem has been addressed and we should be good to go.

We have been deliberating for a while now about re-doing our entire website from scratch after all these years, and we may just have to do that sooner than later to avoid any other downtime in the future, which really aren’t much fun.

The past week, our phones were ringing off the hook non-stop since the website was pretty much non-existent…. Lets hope it doesn’t happen again. It’s a huge headache that we would like to avoid, as I am sure you would too!

Please feel free to call or e-mail me directly if you have any other questions or need anything else meanwhile.


– Anne Davis